It is our relentless pursuit to perfect the ultimate in Lifestyle Entertainment experiences.
— Adolfo Fastlicht, CEO

The Story

We designed THE LOT by re-thinking how you spend your time. The Story of THE LOT begins by removing typical movie theater non-sense, and engineering a social atomosphere. In 2015, we introduced a new type of movie-going to San Diego. And guess what? - It's not just about the movies. Our hospitality focus, craft-made menu, and branded events are for you, and they're right around the corner.

Our Vibe

At the center of our experience are the folks of California. We vibe with the social-lites, the hipsters and the beach bums. For us, it's a west coast way of thinking. Chill out in our outdoor cafe and sip a latte, or have a beer and watch the game. Listen to live music with your friends, or grab a scratch-made taco from our Taco Tuesday buffet. Oh, and did we mention you can catch a flick?

Your Experience

Have you ever been at dinner, pushed for time and can't miss the 8 p.m. 'Star Wars?' "Check please, I gotta' catch my movie!" Enjoy dinner before your show at our restaurant, or be served the same delicious food and drink directly at your seat. Kids can enjoy the latest animated film, while parents hang with friends around the fire. This is your experience, and we'll design it however you'd like.